1. nov. 2010

tiden går

tiden går...

There is no way back

Do you still know, how it used to be?
Childhood – beautifull:
The world is colorfull and pretty.
Till you some day will understand,
That not everything means goodbye,
There is also reunification

Always forward. Step by step.
There is no way back.
What now is, will never be undone.
The time goes forward
What done is, is done.
And what now is, will never happen in the same way again.

There is no way back.
There is no way back.

One word is spoken to much in anger,
One step to much is dared forward
It’s already over.
No matter what i do,
What I said, is said.
And what seemed to be eternal, is already history.

Ahh, and I wish I could
Just one time
Rewind back the time.
Then how much of them,
I know today
I wish I had never seen.

Your live turns only in cirkels
Full of wasted time.
You postpone your dreams endless ahead of you.
You wanna live, some day.
If not today, when you wil?
That some day is also a dream for a long time.
From: http://lyricstranslate.com
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